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My name is Michael Curtin. I am currently the Instructional Technology Coordinator for a small public school district in Westchester County, New York, a position which I took in July, 2006. Prior to that I was Director of Technology at a private school in the Bronx.

I love my job. To me, there are few jobs that are as challenging and stimulating as being a “DOT.” I learn something new every day at work and I am constantly bringing groups of people together – teachers, students, administrators, parents – to help them learn from each other. What could be more exciting?  Some of my particular areas of interest include:

–Using technology to support writing instruction
–Professional development strategies that go beyond the “one-shot” workshop
–“Bottom-up” strategies to transform schools with technology

I want to use this space to share what I know and to learn from the people who care enough to listen to what I have to say.  That everything is changing seems pretty clear to me now, but how it’s changing and what it means when we walk through the door to our classrooms each morning – let’s try to work that out here.  Too many Ed Tech blogs are so general and theoretical: what can we start to do now to start the ball rolling?

Thank you in advance for disagreeing with, correcting, supporting, and educating me through your comments and questions!

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